diSSent ALC KD Junior 26er Frame

$350.00 On Sale

Colour selection Limited. 
SRP $795

The World-Wide Famous MISFIT PSYCLES diSSent AL(C)*  29er Singlespeed Frame is NOW available in EXTRA-SMALLER size.
*AL - Aluminum
*c - (Made in Canada)

Utilizing the same geometry mentality, the diSSent KD offers our more littler shits the same steroidal performance as the original diSSent AL and diSSent ALC.
Simply, a little EXTRA SMALLER.

It wasn't enough to design a JUNIOR frame.
Competition from devils and scoundrels abound.  

The diSSent KD provides the extra smaller set the same smile enducing crotch grabbing shit disturbing giggles that the diSSent AL and ALC has been offering to more real sized people for years.

In an oversimplified, no credit where credit is due engineering-shell, the diSSent KD is simply the diSSent AL(C) in Extra-Small.
Expanded and more accurately, the diSSent KD applies the same scientific certainties that brought forth the cycling world's complete cosmic re-alignment when proper (Read:Misfit Psycles diSSent) 29er geometry was made available to the masses.

The diSSent KD is not entirely it's momma's son though.
There were some changes necessary.  
Some the result of physical (frame) constraints, some the result of physical (rider) differences.

Two of these alterations are in fact major changes.  They come in the form of wheel size and gearing.  
But you say?  Wheel size and single speed are what made the Psycle Empire you say?

Here's why;

  • diSSent KD uses 26" wheels.
    FINALLY a use for wheels previously rendered pointless by 29ers.
    In order to reduce the ETT and standover of the diSSent a wheel change was required.
    Utilizing a 26" wheel in place of 24 or 22" gives the junior set access to the same scientific advantages of momentum and roll-over.
  • diSSent KD will come 1x9 ready. 
    Not entirely and fully physically developed, we ackonwledge that it's partly or entirely possible that a single speed may not be the ultimate junior solution for proper cross country use...maybe.
    Using the same Mk.iv slider technology as on the diSSent AL(C), the diSSent KD can easily be converted to single of speed at any time. 
    The necessary guides have been added to the toptube and chainstay to allow for a more specific-to-gears set-up. 

A word on price-point.
Like the diSSent ALC, the diSSent KD is an ENTIRELY domestic product.
ANY and ALL aspects, supplies, components and labor used in the manufacture of the diSSent KD have been sourced domestically.



At Corporate Psycles we fully understand the cost of the diSSent KD is possibly prohibitive.  
Probably to most families.
To those families we offer our strategic apologies.  

For the time being, there is no solution, only justification.  
The diSSent KD is a completely custom and uber limited domestic product in an overly imported world.

The diSSent KD does not compete with big-box-bikes from WalMart and like.
The diSSent KD does not compete with big-bike-boxes from Specialized and like.
The diSSent KD provides our loin-seed an opportunity to experience riding as we do.  That is, without the incumberance of un-maintanable bits and 40lb frames. 

All this being said.  
The diSSent KD is a universal frame.  Unlike the previously mentioned cheaper-whore-frames, the diSSent KD has been designed to make use of your garage components...bits and pieces readily available.
Be these bits from parental bikes or classified ads, the diSSent KD will easily build down to a 19lb bike with little or limited additional expenses.*

*Assuming the owner resides in a currently cycling household.


  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Corrected for 80mm suspension
  • Lowered standover
  • Sturdy 2 Bolt Mk.iv Sliders will NOT slip and allow for easy chain tensioning w/o brake adjustments.
  • Derailleur hanger (standard)
  • Cable guides (toptube and seatstay) for rear derailleur
  • 1 Size Only
  • Colour (Powder Coated):
    • Gloss Black (Standard)
    • Gloss White (Limited)
    • Gloss Pink (Limited)
  • Frame Weight:
    • >4lb - TO BE VERIFIED WITH PRODUCTION RUN (includes paint, sliders, hardware, decals and air in the tubes)
  • Country of Origin: CANADA (British Columbia)
  • Seat Post 27.2mm
  • Seat Collar 31.8mm
  • BB 68mm