diSSent ALC Singlespeed 29er Frame

$350.00 On Sale

SRP $795

Utilizing the one and only Misfit Psycles diSSent 29er geometry
The diSSent AL(c) (in all the right ways) is exactly the same as the original
diSSent AL designed in back in 2005.

Then. Made. Better.

The diSSent AL(c) is an ENTIRELY domestic product.
Not just DESIGNED in North America.
Not just ASSEMBLED in North America.

This is a completely domestic (designed, sourced and then produced) aluminum single speed 29er frame.
ANY and ALL aspects, supplies, components and labor used in the manufacture of the diSSent AL(c) have been sourced domestically.

We were able to make some subtle (and some not so subtle) modifications as a result of the diSSent AL(c)'s domestic roots:

  • smaller toptube - reduced weight/improved frame balance
  • smaller downtube - reduced weight/improved balance
  • custom formed downtube - maintains optimal stiffness and durability for reduced diameter
  • 68mm bottom bracket shell - reduced weight and greater crank options
  • custom bend chain stays - no pinch bends allow for increased clearance and improved lateral stiffness
  • powder coat paint - imporved durability and finish

diSSent: To differ in opinion or feeling; disagree. To withhold assent or approval. Difference of opinion or feeling; disagreement. The refusal to conform to the authority or doctrine of an established church; nonconformity.

Additional Photos Here

Frame Details:

  • 6061 Aluminum*
  • Corrected for axle to crown of 470mm (approx 90mm suspension allowing for 80mm or 100mm)*
  • Lowered standover
  • Sturdy 2 Bolt Mk.iv Sliders will NOT slip and allow for easy chain tensioning w/o brake adjustments.
  • Derailleur hanger (optional)
  • 4 sizes:
    • 15.3" Small
    • 17.3" Medium
    • 19.3" Large SOLD OUT
    • 21.3" xLarge SOLD OUT
  • Colour(s):
    • Satin Black (powder coated)
  • Frame Weight:
    • 4lb 3oz or 1913g - Size Medium (includes paint, sliders, hardware, decals and air in the tubes)
  • Country of Origin: CANADA (British Columbia)

*  Design philosophy, general insight and other propaganda into the frame that isn't what you expect.

Insight -
The Misfit Psycles diSSent was designed and eventually came to light with the intention of NEVER riding a 29er.
Experience with first generation 29ers was laughable.  Manufacturers simply elongated chainstays and stretched traditional forks to fit 'bigger' wheels.  The result was a top-heavy, awkward tank of a beast. 
Incidentally, too many manufactures still produce frames with 26" PLUS 3" type geometry.
While these initial frames failed miserably in overall ride, there was a little something. 

The diSSent's unique geometry is the product of pub counter creativity, chalk outlines and numerous engineering re-writes.  The diSSent was designed to provide you a 29er frame that you ride IN (not ON).  We believe that the result is a frame that melds the best features of your olde 26er with the advantages of 29" wheels.  Hopefully with out the traditional zelotry associated with big wheels.

Criteria -

  • Made in North America
  • $900+- SRP
  • Stiff (responsive rear)
  • Under 5lb
  • Stable
  • Limited 26 to 29 learning curve

6061 Aluminum -
Provided numerous design, ride and manufacturing benefits over 7005 and vastly better value then Scandium.  It is (arguably) the most versatile of the alloys, offers excellent strength and elongation properties. 
The diSSent has (over the years) been prototyped in 7005, Ti and was (briefly) considered in steel (see below).

Steel is Real -
True.  This much should be obvious.  Misfit Psycles has a standing policy NOT to produce products in imaginary materials.
Steel as a material choice FAILED in the first three criteria of the diSSent. 

  • A steel frame that would retail for $400 would be generic chromoly. 
  • The frame would well exceed 6lb's. 
  • The rear chain stays would need to be bulky and monstrous to offer the kind of responsiveness desired, anything less was 'noodley'.

The 'compliance' to which is often referred of steel is in actual fact FLEX. 
Low grade chromoly offers excessive amounts of flex, the way to counter this excessive flex is to over-compensate and over-design, adding to the frames weight penalty.  Riders the prefer to 'mash' the pedals (typical singlespeeder by default) or heavier riders want to ensure that there is a direct to wheel power transfer.  There is a notable loss with chromoly in the $400 range.

Still insisting on steel? 
Consider increasing your budget to the $800+ range or move up to the Canadian Made diSSent (Fe)

Ride Quality -
Design OVER material.  Period.
Selecting a frame base soley on material and a rhyme is ILLEGAL in many countries and carries a penalty of death. 
At least it should.

Durability -
Ovalized, oversized and un-butted tubes combined with aggressive gussets offer excellent strength and durability.  Despite these factors the weight was maintained in the very respectable 4lb range.

With the increased 'throw' of the Mk.iv sliding system the diSSent frame offers a widely adjustable chain stay length from a full forward 448 to a full aft of 469mm*.
* This range is dependant on the volume of the tire utilized and gear ratio selected.