Misfit Psycles SS Rear Disc Hub


Simple, strong freehub style single speed hub. Disc ready with the choice of quick release or bolt axles to match any frame, singlespeed or otherwise.
The Shimano compatible spline allows for quick and easy ratio changes, remove the lockring and swap cogs. The short freehub body allows for a completely NON-dished single speed wheel, making for an all-round all-season all-time tough wheel.

Freehub Body
Adjustable Chainline
135mm Rear
4 Pawls and 24 Notches for 48 Points of engagement
4x Sealed Cartridge Bearings, just like the expensive stuff
6 Bolt Disc ready
14, 16, 18 or 20T slide on cog
Bolt-on rear axle

Wheel Builders -
Rear Left Center to Flange 33.3 Flange Diameter 58 Right Center to Flange 30.3 Flange Diameter 58