Single Speed Conversion Kit - Complete

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You may have sinned in the past, now is time to start your new life. Convert your olde 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 speed set-up to single speed in minutes. That is correct, minutes. Practically seconds and a few seconds might as well be instantaneous...

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USAGE: Ideal for first time converters and conversions or grumpy olde veterans that insist a converted wheel is lighter than a dedicated single speed wheel.

Each COMPLETE Single Speed Conversion Kit includes;

  • 2x 12MM, 2x 4MM and 1x 2MM Spacers
  • 1x 16T (or 14T or 18T or 20T Cog)
  • Lock-Ring
  • Spring Loaded Tensioner

Notes: These are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill-everybody-has-them spacers, NO, these are Space Age Spacers. They are loving crafted of machined 6005 Aluminum and slide nicely on to any Shimano compatible freehub.

What is that? There are other conversion options?
OK. Think about them for one minute, I have:

The Ghetto Kit - PVC Pipe hacked to size with an olde ramped cog. Please. Ramped cogs are for shifting. PVC pipe is for exciment. The trial and error required to setup plus the drive to the local Homedepository is just not worth the pennies saved. Let us not forget, it looks like CRAP!

The Two-Piece Kit - One single or two lumpy spacers...think Gusset or other. This kit is generally expensive and offers little to no chainline adjustment. A bad chainline is the single most common mistake on all conversions. It is also the one that fails you when you need it most. Chainslip or jump will hit you on hard climbs or big efforts. Save the two piece for the beach!

The Jigsaw Kit - A complete kit made entirely of 2mm spacers...hundreds of them...well maybe not hundreds BUT way too many. Cheap for the manufacturer but somehow still expensive. Not to mention they are a bear for you to assemble. Infinite chainline adjustment at the expense of assembly simplicity. PITA x20.